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Bringing uplifting and positive sound bites to mainstream TV!

"Maria, interviewing you yesterday was the highlight of my day... no make it my week! You are truly an inspiration and I admire how many lives you touch with your positivity. You spurred me into positive thinking today and I am pushing away any negative thoughts as they come about!

Thank you again for all that you do!"

~ Natasha Chughtai
Anchor FOX News at Ten

Here are just a few of my inspirational sound bites that were aired on Fox News at 10 in Oregon:

Happiness is a Choice

  Worrying is not in Your Blood

It's NOT about putting a Happy Face on


Building your P.E.P!

When your mind goes to
that worst-case scenario!


Deciding is a
very powerful tool

It's YOUR dream, not anyone else's!


Let go of the HOW

Lovin' Life Jingle


Maria's super simple
Law of Attraction Tip:

Here's a fun video I put together around the Holiday Season for my YouTube audience. It's a message that I want you to embrace all year round. It is my intention that this video inspires you to step into your power. Take charge of your life. Decide NOW that nothing is more important than you being happy! Enjoy!

Take Your Power Back:

In addition to the Fox News TV Interview I did with Natasha Chughtai, featured on my Home Page, I also did an interview on KVAL News around the topic of MONEY.

"Watch my TV interview on KVAL News in Eugene, OR on how to shift your mind set to improve your financial situation or positively impact ANY area of your life for that matter! The Law of Attraction tips that I share in this video will help you to start shifting your negative thoughts and feelings so that you can attract more of what you want into your life and less of what you don't!"

Your Mind Set is the most powerful tool you have.  Learning how to leverage the power of your mind will change your life beyond your wildest dreams!

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If you are a TV News Anchor or TV Producer and would like to bring my inspirational messages to your station, contact me today and let’s talk about how together we can shift the happiness level of the country and ultimately the world!

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