Maria Lesetz

Law of Attraction Happiness Coach

Using Abraham-Hicks' Universal Laws of Attraction
To Help You to be Lovin' Life, Despite Life's Bumps in the Road!

Everyone wants to "bottle up" Maria's Energy!

Maria Lesetz is a well-known Health & Happiness Coach and founder of Lovin' Life Coaching. She inspires all of her clients to break through every obstacle that stops them from living out their greatest desires and dreams!

Maria's high-energy, passion and enthusiasm for life inspire thousands through one-on-one coaching, teleclasses (coaching programs conducted via telephone), motivational speaking engagements and guest appearances on radio shows and television!

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Maria also holds an additional credential of Certified Life Coach for Doctors as a result of completing an extensive Physician Life Coach Training Program. She helps physicians avoid burnout and take care of their own overall health and wellbeing.

She has a Masters Degree in Statistics and finds humor in the irony of the contrast between her statistical expertise and her zest for "defying the odds."

Maria is passionate about helping YOU find Happiness Through Adversity! She will teach you how to leverage the Law of Attraction in your favor so that "happy" is your default vibe, despite any bumps in the road you are currently facing. Maria is no stranger to manifesting some amazing things in her life (despite the adversities she has personally faced), which she attributes to the mindset that she chooses to embrace each and every day. She wants you to know that no matter how "out of reach" your goals and desires may feel at this moment, that you too can learn how to pivot your mindset so that it paves the way to your success.

Here are just a few of Maria's LOA manifestations:

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