Health Tutoring Program
with Maria Lesetz, Health Coach

What if you had a step-by-step process that would guide you to better health?
What if you had an expert Health Coach working with you one-on-one to help you implement each and every one of those steps?

You would start seeing and feeling tangible changes in your overall health
and well-being and your success rate in maintaining these positive changes
would increase ten-fold!


  1. You would have a proven step-by-step program that has worked with thousands of others to improve their overall health and well-being.  These steps have been tested and they work!  

  2. You would have Maria Lesetz as your very own personal Health Tutor!  Maria would guide you, teach you and coach you to turn the state of your overall health around.  Maria coaches around the principles of Abraham-Hicks’ Universal Laws of Attraction and uses proven stress-reduction strategies to help you to improve your overall health and achieve your personal wellness goals.  

This 12-week Health Tutoring Program
will give your overall state of health a significant Makeover!

The steps Maria will share with you are proven strategies that will help you to live and breathe “Wellness”.  It’s a curriculum that she has created based on her experience over years of working with people who are dealing with health challenges and stress-related health issues. 


Maria says …

“From my experience of working with thousands of people with MS, I have gained great knowledge around what works and what doesn’t work for helping people improve their overall health, no matter what their current state of health is. 

The secret has been to help each and every one of my clients
shift their Mind Set to that of “Wellness”!

It takes practice, but with continued support and access to tools and techniques that can help you to alter the state of your physical and emotional health, you will be well on your way to experiencing better health!  And of course, you will be Lovin’ Life more often because you’re feeling good!” 


  Is this health tutoring program for everyone?  No.

This 12-week Health Tutoring Program is for you if …

  • You are ready to make your overall health and well-being your #1 Priority!
  • You are willing to invest the money and the time for your future health. 
  • You are open to learning and implementing new techniques and strategies that will significantly improve your health
  • You believe that your Mind Set plays a significant role on your physical and emotional state of health. 
  • You are very aware of the Power of your Mind and want to learn how to use it to your advantage.
  • You are open to learning and applying the Laws of Attraction to your life.
  • You believe that you CAN change your overall health (that it IS possible) and that you just need some guidance on how to do so. 

Here’s how Maria’s Health Tutoring program works:

  • Once you sign up, Maria will be contacting you to schedule your tutoring sessions for all 12 weeks.
  • Each tutoring session will last 45 minutes.  
  • Each week you will learn a new lesson and be coached around how to apply it specifically to your life. 
  • In between tutoring sessions, you will have access to Maria via e-mail and be able to ask her questions about the previous week’s lesson. You can also ask her any further questions you may have on how to use the Law of Attraction to impact your overall health and wellness. 
  • Once the 12 weeks are complete, you will receive a Health Tutoring Workbook on the lessons you have just learned.  You can use this workbook as a reference guide when you need to refresh your memory on the tools and techniques that you learned during the 12-week tutoring program.

Sign Me Up Now for this 12-week 
Health Tutoring Program
All for just $1197!

Make a commitment to yourself for 12 weeks (just like you would with a Personal Trainer) and DECIDE NOW to positively change the state of your overall health!       

If you have any further questions about Maria’s Health Tutoring Program, feel free to contact her directly at 541-913-3469 or e-mail her at




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