Vibe Lifters - The Gift of Gratitude

Gratitude is the highest form of positive, loving energy.
When expressed every day, it will raise your vibration!

~ Maria Lesetz

When you feel gratitude in your heart, your spirits are naturally lifted and your mood will shift in a heartbeat. When you feel blessed, you can't feel stressed, right?

I believe that what you choose to focus on … expands. That's the concept of the Law of Attraction. Your dominant focus, thoughts and feelings create your reality. So, why not focus on the good stuff and feel deep gratitude for what you do have in your life?

Gratitude is the secret ingredient to manifesting your greatest desires and dreams, despite the obstacles that life throws your way.

When you go on a rampage of appreciation, it does a body good!
So, what are you grateful for?

It is my intent that as a result of getting my Gift of Gratitude Package, your gratitude vibe will be on an upswing and continue to get better with each and every day.

Each item in my Gift of Gratitude Package has my high-vibin' energy infused into it. I know that you will FEEL that energy once you purchase this package. Let me explain:

Item #1: The Gift of Gratitude Publication:

Special Feature written by yours truly!

I LOVE TO WRITE! It puts me in that feel good place and the words that flow through me just emanate my positive energy. Yes, I'm in a high-vibin' place when I write. As you may already know, I am a contributing writer for Connextions magazine, where I write inspirational articles each quarter that spread my Lovin' Life energy and motivational tips throughout the world through this publication. A special feature edition was put together with several of my original inspirational articles called … you guessed it … The Gift of Gratitude. And this is the first item that is included in your Gift of Gratitude Package. In this special feature magazine, I will teach you how to turn probabilities into possibilities, make peace with what is, how to believe when there is no proof in sight and how to open your mind, body and soul to infinite possibilities!

Item #2: One of my Hand-painted Lovin' Life Gratitude Rocks

I LOVE ART! When I hand-paint my gratitude rocks, I am in a joyous place. It makes me feel peaceful and relaxes me at the cellular level. If you are an artist, you know exactly what I mean. I infuse my positive energy into each and every one of my gratitude rocks. Each one is unique and has its own look and feel. You will receive one of my hand-painted gratitude rocks with the word "Gratitude" or "Grateful" painted on it. I will select which word to send to you (unless you specify in the special instructions when you place your order). Each rock has its own grounded earth energy, picked locally in Eugene, Oregon. I assure you that when you hold this finished gratitude rock in your hand, you will feel the positive energy and be inspired to go on that rampage of appreciation for all that you do love in your life!

Item #3: One of my Original Photographs from my Lovin' Life Photography collection

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! Can you see a trend now? Every item in this package is something that I love to create. It puts me in that feel good, high-vibin' place. So, I am transferring that energy to you in this Gift of Gratitude package. When I take photos of nature, I am in my glory. I see "art" in nature before I even take the picture. It brings a great big smile to my face when I am taking photographs of the beauty we are surrounded by each and every day. And through my Lovin' Life Photography, I capture these breath-taking scenes, print them on an 8 x 10 glossy photograph and then superimpose one of my original gratitude quotes. You will receive one of my Lovin' Life photographs as part of this package.

Please note: When you place your order, I will personally pick the photograph and the inspirational quote that I feel matches your energy. My customers are always amazed at the intuitive feel I have for picking the right picture and quote that resonates with them.

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