Vibe Lifters - My Lovin' Life Audios!

The essence of what you feel (whether it is positive or negative)
is a vibration that is felt by everyone and everything. Your
"vibe" is what impacts your future life experiences.

~ Maria Lesetz

Your only "job" in life (the one that REALLY pays off in the long run) is to make a conscious and deliberate choice each and every day to feel good, be happy and to live life fully, despite the bumps in the road you may be facing.

When you choose to engage in activities that lift your vibration and make you feel good, that is when you are positively impacting your future and increasing your overall happiness level. You can turn your life around just by shifting how you feel in this moment.

You have the power to change your "vibe" right now. Look at the picture below. What type of feeling does it elicit in you? Are you smiling? Did you just say "awwww" and get that warm feeling inside? It's a pure positive energy feeling, isn't it? Yes, just by looking at a picture, you can lift your "vibe" up. Imagine what could happen in your life if you deliberately focused more often on things that make you feel good?

That is why I have gathered a few of my Lovin' Life audios to share with you on this page … so that you can listen to them, pivot to the positive, feel LOVE instead of hate, HOPE instead of despair and BELIEF instead of doubt.

My first Lovin' Life audio is a 30-minute recording from the launch of my Maria Mojo Monday inspirational classes, inspiring you to embrace the positive energy and learn how to remove that "monkey mind" (e.g., all those negative thoughts that stop you from living a great life)!

Click below to listen in to this class and get ready to raise your "vibration" to a better feeling place:

Below is a random selection of some of my inspirational Lovin' Life audio clips which are my very own unique quotes and positive inspirational thoughts that I have shared on Twitter and at various motivational speaking events.

I want you to randomly select one. First ask the Universe "what do you want me to hear today?" and then select the audio below that is calling to you. Have fun with this. Come back and visit this page often and just click on the audio that you are feeling. Really listen to the message. Feel it. Embrace it. Know that you are always at choice to reach for a better feeling in any given moment.

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Ok … select one of the audios below and be ready to embrace the positive message!
This is just a "taste" of what my coaching clients get when they are working with me as their personal coach. When your vibe is lifted to that feel good place on a regular basis, you can create anything you desire to have in your life. So, what are you waiting for? Click here.



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